lunedì 28 novembre 2016

domenica 16 ottobre 2016

Warrior defeated (or not?)

Sunday Relax Photoshop 

giovedì 22 settembre 2016

4 for 48h Challenge

4 for 48H Challenge.
- Every person appointed shall appoint additional at least 4 people.
- Every person appointed has 48 h of time to post
- Subject: UFO Unidentified flying object
- freestyle Photoshop

Obviously I want to see ALL of my students #IAAD 2015/2016
Since you want to start the car, I will appoint 8 people :D

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venerdì 26 agosto 2016

martedì 23 agosto 2016

Geisha ?

The old technique "looks at the clouds" what do you see?

domenica 7 agosto 2016


 This time I get out of my usual ‪#‎comfortzone‬. For ‪#‎today‬ Stop with insane‪#‎Aeg27‬ war ‪#‎robots‬, boring impressive vehicles and crazy hyper-cars... A "‪#‎freetime‬" contribution to the ‪#‎OlympicGames‬ ‪#‎Brasil2016‬. The ‪#‎timeless‬competition between the perfect ‪#‎machines‬
Just for today  !

martedì 26 luglio 2016

giovedì 7 luglio 2016

martedì 21 giugno 2016


Ironic self-portrait  time lapse

giovedì 16 giugno 2016

Absurd to think, but it is reasonable do it.

Absurd to think, but it is reasonable do it.

Unfortunately a Lie, even if repeated a thousand times, will not become a truth.
The journey continues.


martedì 14 giugno 2016

NBM Volume 4 WIP

Only to maintain a minimum of attention.
Fast "Work in progress" my Robot for the next issue of NBM, the volume 4 !!
Stay tuned. 
Soon (I still do not know when) new revelations.

lunedì 9 maggio 2016

IAAD, Torino 6 may 2016 . Fast rendering

IAAD, Torino 6 may 2016 
Here the fnal rendering done for the guy of the second Year of transportation. 
Class 2A.
The sketch of simple side view of a car was made on 27 October 2015 for the Inktober event.
Here a color version. Except for a couple of texture everything is made Photoshop
Sorry guys : next lesson i'll do something also for 2B students!!! 

lunedì 18 aprile 2016

IAAD, Photoshop Demo 15 - 4 - 2016 (Finish)

As i have promese you, here the final sketch  made for the guys of the second year of transportation. Class 2A, Here the finished drawing.  

domenica 17 aprile 2016

IAAD, Photoshop Demo 15 - 4 - 2016

A fun demonstration of Photoshop for the guys of the second year of transportation. Class 2B, here the finished drawing.
Friday 'I also did a demonstration for the 2A boys, soon i'll publish' also that drawing.


giovedì 17 marzo 2016

The Peace

Incredible, it's been a month since the last "drawing." There is never time to stop and draw in peace.
But who really wants the peace?

Always A billion things to do! we spit blood, and we will rest (in peace ?) in the afterlife. 

domenica 21 febbraio 2016

mercoledì 17 febbraio 2016


    BornFebruary 18, 1898, Modena

domenica 14 febbraio 2016

mercoledì 3 febbraio 2016

Nuthin But Mech 4 !!

Along whit great artist, i'll give my little contribution. stay tuned!!

martedì 12 gennaio 2016

mercoledì 30 dicembre 2015

1h Grayscale execize 2 stars wars

1h Grayscale execize 2  
Stars Wars tribute,just for fun
My last post of 2015. a simple scene in grayscale. usual, boring, perspective ... and a little tribute to the recent movie
see you here

martedì 29 dicembre 2015

1h grayscale exercize

1h grayscale exercize

domenica 27 dicembre 2015

giovedì 17 dicembre 2015

2dartist: Issue 120 - December 2015

My small tutorial on 2D Artist Magazine Issue 120 December 2015

From sketch on my moleskine to photoshop rendering, hope you can enjoy !
here the timelapse

here the tutorial

sabato 12 dicembre 2015

mercoledì 18 novembre 2015

EPTA Design ltd Concept Car 2015

sabato 7 novembre 2015

INKTOBER Paintover Sketch 17

 Long time without any real Post.

I took the design (Setch very fast) made on 17 of the last month for the fantastic initiative of INKTOBER.

Here the colored version; a little volume, and storytelling.

See you soon


lunedì 19 ottobre 2015


Fast (7 min each) and absolutely Fun !!
Serarch me On Instangram !

INKTOBER, Cool idea!!

lunedì 12 ottobre 2015

domenica 4 ottobre 2015

giovedì 1 ottobre 2015

EPTA Design Ltd

Now things get serious! 

lunedì 28 settembre 2015

SAlt Water On MARS !?!?

Very soon Kitesurf ??